Fruit and nut trees can produce more food value per acre than even the best food plots. Chestnuts, considered to be the best tree to plant for deer, can produce 4x as much food value as the average food plot! Chestnuts even beat oaks, chestnuts have 4x the carbs and 2.5x the protein of white oak acorns and no bitter tannins. Deer have been shown to choose them 100:1 over acorns. Our other trees are great options as well with different trees suited for different conditions and providing variety to your land increasing the drawing power and giving deer more to choose from.

Trees only need to be planted one time and require very little maintenance after, unlike food plots that need to be planted and maintained year after year.

We sell varieties that produce quickly, so you don’t have to wait to see the benefits. Our Hybrid Chestnuts produce in just 3-5 years, and Sawtooth Oaks in 6-8.

Get them in the ground this year and you’ll have a high quality food source that brings deer in from all around year after year and takes care of itself. All you’ll need to do is try to decide where to hang your stand!