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We grow high quality trees, sell them at affordable prices, and provide great customer service and support after your purchase. All backed by our survival guarantee! Orders over $99 ship for free and we even take care of timing your shipment so it arrives at the best time to plant in your area.

Quality and service like that is hard to find.

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Our trees are grown in either air pruning containers or specially designed beds which are engineered to produce robust and healthy lateral root systems. Once planted, our trees are able to expand their root systems quickly and are proven to grow faster than trees grown in standard containers. Trees grown in hard sided containers often have permanently damaged root systems due to the constricting nature of the containers they are grown in.

Tap root shape doesn't change throughout the life of a tree so a seedling with a damaged constricted root system will grow into a mature tree with a damaged restricted root system. Some don't even make it that far. Its common to see trees grown in standard containers simply die after several years. The cause is often due to malformed and constricted roots choking themselves off as they grow. Many other suppliers out there sell trees grown in standard solid-wall containers. If you're considering buying elsewhere, ask what they grow in first. Don't waste time on trees that are already damaged from the jump.

We grow and sell live growing trees during the growing season and bare root trees during their dormant months. We ship them UPS ground so they will get to you quickly and in good condition, ready to plant. They are shipped at the proper planting time for your region, so you dont have to worry about the research and timing. Just put your order in with us and we take care of it for you. You can see when your trees will ship by going to the tab labelled "When Will My Order Ship" on each product page. If you ever have any concerns with the quality of your trees don't hesitate to contact me immediately. 

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Our guarantee

We guarantee 100% viability on our bare root trees. If they dont emerge from dormancy in the spring we will cover them via a credit or replacement. That's something not many other nurseries offer but, unlike the other guys, we stand behind our trees. See our guarantee page for more info and conditions.

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About me

My name is Caleb Huckaba, and I started this company because I wanted to provide a source for good quality trees, with good customer service, and trees picked specifically for hunters and habitat managers. I'm an avid hunter myself, and when the parcel I hunt was clear cut I wanted to replant with trees that would create high quality habitat for deer and turkeys. I soon realized that it was difficult to find a supplier who sold all the varieties I wanted to plant, and most were out of stock. Once I finally found trees that I could order, I was very disappointed with the quality of trees sold by even the largest suppliers. With a background in biology, I was confident I could produce a better quality tree at a better price, and assemble a better selection of trees. That is my mission, to bring you a quality tree, at an affordable price, and help you pick the right trees for you so that you can turn your land into a destination for wildlife. Please get in touch if you have any questions and my team and I will do everything we can to help you be successful!

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About the Farm

We are located in Colbert County, AL in the Northwest corner of the state not far from the Tennessee river. We grow and ship out thousands of trees per year to hunters and conservationists just like you. We truly appreciate all our customers and want to do everything we can to help you achieve your goals of creating better habitat by planting trees. Let us know how we can help today!

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We are located in the northwest corner of Alabama near the town of Cherokee on the banks of the Tennessee River.

Please make an appointment by contacting us by email or phone if you would like to pick up your trees here at the farm!




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