Our trees are living things, and as such they can only be shipped at certain times of year when they are ready. We take orders in advance of our shipping dates every year and hold them until trees are ready to ship and weather is favorable for planting and transit. Shipment dates are posted on our product pages and the time frame for shipment of your order was shown there at the time of order. For reference our shipping dates are also listed below.

Exact timing of your shipment depends on your location. Southern states ship first in the spring and last in the fall, northern states ship last in spring and first in the fall. A notification email will be sent out prior to your shipment being mailed with included tracking info so you will know when to expect them.

Orders placed between 2/15/22 - 7/1/22 will ship: Aug- Nov 2022

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Yes! We are located in Colbert County, Alabama near Tuscumbia and you can contact us to make arrangements to pick up your order.

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We ship to all US states except California, Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii due to state restrictions on plant imports.


The chestnuts we grow are a hybrid variety, Their scientific name is "Castanea dentata X mollissima". They are a cross between American and Chinses varieties, that is resistant to chestnut blight, and bears 0.75-1.5 inch diameter nuts in just 3-5  years, They are a hybrid of American and Chinese chestnuts. Their nuts begin to drop mid-Sept to mid-Oct depending on climate. These hybrid chestnuts are among the hardiest, fastest growing, most productive, and soonest bearing chestnuts available. 

Our hybrid chestnuts will bear in 3-5 years, depending on climate and growing conditions. 

Check the information in the specific tree's description and the information found in our growing guide to see if a tree is suited to your area. Look for the growing zones each tree is recommended for and ensure that you are within that range. To determine your growing zone see the USDA website here:

USDA Zone Map

Inventory is updated regularly and the status listed on the product page is accurate.

We sell out of many trees in advance of a season, for example we usually sell out of trees for spring shipment during summer. If we have switched over to taking fall orders then all trees for spring shipment have been sold.

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Chestnuts do best in full sun however they can tolerate some shade. Areas with at least 50% or more sunlight per day are suitable.

Chestnuts need at least 2 trees for pollination. 3-5 is recommended for best results. Plant within 50yds of each other for best pollination.

Chestnuts can do well in a wide range of soil types and conditions. Their main requirements are that soils be well drained and acidic. Stay away from overly wet areas.