Red Mulberry
Red Mulberry

Red Mulberry

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Shipments to the deep south will go out starting in mid-December. We will work our way northward as the ground thaws finishing up in far northern states in late April. A notification will be sent prior to shipment with tracking info.

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All bare root trees are covered by our Survival Guarantee 

Mycorrhizae is a beneficial soil fungus that grows on the roots of your trees and helps them take up water and nutrients more effectively. Similar to inoculating plants like beans and peas prior to planting. If you select this option we will include a packet of mycorrhizae granules with your trees. Just sprinkle in the hole prior to planting and you're good to go. We don't plant anything here at the farm without using it ourselves!

When you buy from us you can rest assured that you're going to end up with a healthy growing tree come spring. We guarantee that all our bare root trees will emerge from dormancy so you don't have to worry about spending your money on something that may or may not bud out come spring. Just follow the reccomendations in our planting instructions and your tree is covered.

You must protect your trees with one of our tree tubes for this guarantee to apply.

For all details and conditions, see here: Survival Guarantee

Red Mullberry

Red mulberries are one of the most unknown, yet valuable trees you can plant for wildlife. Red mulberries are a very hardy, native fruit tree to Eastern North America that grow and produce extremely quickly, and provide food when few other sources are producing. 

Mulberries grow extremely rapidly and can sometimes show double the growth rate of other deciduous trees like oaks or persimmons. Mulberries not only grow quickly, they start producing quickly as well. Fruit production begins as early as 3-4 years and by years 5-7 they are often producing large and very attractive crops. 

Mulberries are the first fruits of the year to drop, in late spring-early summer. This is a time when little else is producing and these fruits fill an important niche in your wildlife's nutrition. Due to the timing, all wildlife flock to mulberries including deer, turkeys, squirrels. Even coyotes and raccoons stop by mulberry trees. They are edible to humans as well and are quite good. Many old recipes using mulberries can be found online.  

Mulberries tend to have large volumes of seedlings that sprout around their bases similar to some species of plums. Deer absolutely love the foliage of these seedlings and they serve as yet another food source provided by the mulberry tree. 


Mulberries are a fantastic food source that provides food for wildlife at a crucial time of year when turkeys and deer need it. They provide excellent attraction and nutrition for your land and will greatly improve the quality of your habitat. Every landowner needs a few mulberries somewhere on their land.

Orders placed now are for bare root trees. These are trees that are shipped dormant from late fall-early spring. We ship at the optimum time to plant in your region. Click the tab above for more info on ship dates.

All bare root trees are covered by our Survival Guarantee 


Drop time: April-June

Years till production:  3-4

Growing zones: Zones 4-9

Soil type: Prefers well drained, fertile soils. River bottoms, moist hillsides, wooded slopes. Can tolerate salt in mild climates. 

Sun: Prefers full sun but tolerates partial shade

pH: 4.5-7.0 

Pollination:  Self fertile, no pollinator required

Size: 30-60ft tall at maturity 

Size when shipped: 1yr old approx. 10-36 in 



I have ordered and planted well over 100 trees online from various wildlife tree sellers, including the big name brands, and the trees I just received from Whitetail Hill Chestnuts are the best looking trees I have ever received... EVER!  They are easily 2 feet tall and full of big green leaves. They will make a great addition to my deer and turkey hunting property in Oklahoma and I'm sure I will be ordering more!

Tim M.

Ordered three of these to see how they looked. Wish I would of ordered more. They arrived fast and look really good. Will order more next season.

Nick E.
Tiffin, Ohio

The trees arrived in good condition and are doing good. I would definitely recommend.

Scott F.
Goose Creek, South Carolina

The trees were delivered in great condition, well packaged and very healthy.  I hope they grow up fast!

Dave P.
Woodville, Wisconsin

I ordered trees from Whitetail Hill they shipped my trees July 12 Priority Mail and were scheduled to arrive Thursday July 15th. When they didn't arrive on the 15th I checked the USPS tracking number that I was provided and USPS just kept telling me each day after that they were scheduled to arrive late. I emailed Whitetail Hill on July 19th and got a prompt response from Caleb H. My question to him was that if my trees did arrive what he thinks they would be alive he said there was a good chance that they wouldn't be and that he would do anything he could to help make the order right.

USPS finally delivered my trees on July 22nd. 7 days late on delivery with the box ripped in half. I open the package expecting to find my dead trees since they'd been in a box for 11 days to my surprise the trees were as green as ever. This just goes to show the quality of trees that these guys grow and send to us. I would highly recommend these guys and have already placed another order for more trees.

Jason R.
Mount Vernon, Kentucky

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