Non-Typical Apple™

Non-Typical Apple™

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Now accepting orders for Fall 2022!

Orders placed now will ship out in Fall of 2022. Ship dates will vary by state but will run Aug-Oct with Northern states receiving trees in Aug-Sept and Southern states receiving them in Sept-Oct. Ship dates will coincide with the correct fall planting timing in your region. A shipping notification will be sent out prior to your order being shipped with tracking info so you will know when to expect it.


Non-Typical Apples produce a green/yellow 3.5-5.5in diameter apple that ripens in late Sept. and holds on the tree until late Oct. some may persist even longer. Ripening and drop dates may vary slightly from tree to tree as these are derived from wild type apples that have more variable habits than many common varieties. Apples are tart but with good flavor and are very attractive to all wildlife. Good for human consumption as well. Produces in just 4-6 years under good conditions. Non-Typical Apples have a long tap root that gives them great drought resistance, however they can withstand moist areas as well. 

Considered by many to be a "wimpy" tree apples sometimes get a bad rap from conservationists. Often, the reputation is accurate as many try to grow varieties suited for orchards, which usually results in failure in a conservation setting. Most varieties of apples need a lot of care and careful selection to find a variety suited to your specific conditions, location, and soil type. That can mean wading through dozens of varieties trying to find one that will do well on your land.

We like to keep it simple, and provide trees that will do well in a wide range of conditions without constant care. That's why right now we only sell one variety of apple, our Non-Typical Apple. There are dozens of varieties of apples out there to choose from however, we feel this one is the best suited to our customers and their goals. We have selected the apples for our Non-Typical Apples to be suited for the woods, not just an orchard.

Derived from wild trees, our Non-Typical Apples have among the best traits for a wildlife tree. They can grow in neglectful conditions with little to no care, they have few problems with disease or pests meaning there is little need to spray as with most other apples, and they can thrive and produce in a wide range of conditions and soil types. With most apple varieties, each variety is only suited to a few growing zones due to very specific chill hour requirements (hours spent below 45 degrees). Our Non-Typical Apples have no chill hour requirements meaning they will do great anywhere in zone 3-7.

Despite having no chill requirements, they are very cold hardy and are one of the few offerings we have that will survive zone 3.

Growing zones: 3-9

Soil type: Acidic well drained, adapts well to most soils

pH: 5.5-7.5

Sun: Full sun

Pollination: Needs at least 2 trees for pollination 

Size when shipped: 6-18in



You've heard of inoculating plants like beans, peas, and clover, but did you know that you should be inoculating your trees too? That's right, trees have beneficial microbes that live on their roots just like other plants do. These microbes are called mycorrhizae. They grow in and on tree root systems and help them take up nutrients and water from the soil more effectively. Mycorrhizae increase root growth and root mass significantly which leads to healthier, more drought resistant, and faster growing plants. Many studies have shown the benefits of mycorrhizae for all kinds of plants including trees and we have seen it first hand in trees planted here on our farm. We don't plant any trees on our farm without mycorrhizae because of the difference it makes in drought tolerance, growth rate, and overall health of the tree. The mycorrhizae we sell is a strain known as Rhizophagus intraradices and is a beneficial soil fungus that forms a sponge-like mass on root systems helping them take up and store water and nutrients more effectively. It essentially increases the surface area of the root system. This mycorrhizae comes in the form of dry pellets that just need to be sprinkled in the hole before planting your tree. It’s an easy step that makes a huge difference in the success of your trees. Just sprinkle approximately one tablespoon into the hole just before planting your tree, then plant your tree as normal and the microbes will do the rest, easy as that. If you are ordering trees you can choose to have mycorrhizae included with them. Just select “Add mycorrhizae” from the dropdown menu above we will include enough inoculant in your order to treat all your trees with.


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I have ordered and planted well over 100 trees online from various wildlife tree sellers, including the big name brands, and the trees I just received from Whitetail Hill Chestnuts are the best looking trees I have ever received... EVER!  They are easily 2 feet tall and full of big green leaves. They will make a great addition to my deer and turkey hunting property in Oklahoma and I'm sure I will be ordering more!

Tim M.

Ordered three of these to see how they looked. Wish I would of ordered more. They arrived fast and look really good. Will order more next season.

Nick E.
Tiffin, Ohio

The trees arrived in good condition and are doing good. I would definitely recommend.

Scott F.
Goose Creek, South Carolina

The trees were delivered in great condition, well packaged and very healthy.  I hope they grow up fast!

Dave P.
Woodville, Wisconsin

I ordered trees from Whitetail Hill they shipped my trees July 12 Priority Mail and were scheduled to arrive Thursday July 15th. When they didn't arrive on the 15th I checked the USPS tracking number that I was provided and USPS just kept telling me each day after that they were scheduled to arrive late. I emailed Whitetail Hill on July 19th and got a prompt response from Caleb H. My question to him was that if my trees did arrive what he thinks they would be alive he said there was a good chance that they wouldn't be and that he would do anything he could to help make the order right.

USPS finally delivered my trees on July 22nd. 7 days late on delivery with the box ripped in half. I open the package expecting to find my dead trees since they'd been in a box for 11 days to my surprise the trees were as green as ever. This just goes to show the quality of trees that these guys grow and send to us. I would highly recommend these guys and have already placed another order for more trees.

Jason R.
Mount Vernon, Kentucky

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