Year Round Nutrition Package

Year Round Nutrition Package

If you want to grow big deer and hold them on your land, you need to be providing nutrition for more than just a few months in the fall. Provide food sources that last during crucial times like spring and late summer and you'll have more, bigger, and better deer that call your land home. 

The trees in this collection will provide a food source for deer 10 months out of the year

We recommend ordering in the following quantity ratios as some varieties have drop times that overlap with others, while other varieties may be the only thing producing at a certain time of year:

4x Wild Crabapples

4x Late Drop Hybrid Chestnuts 

4x Hybrid Chestnuts

5x American Persimmons 

15x Shumard Oaks

4x Nutall Oaks

5x Honey Locusts

10x Red Mullberries

5x Paw Paws

5x Deer Plum

This list is for 1 Acre of planting area. If you'd like to do more or less than that, adjust quantities accordingly but keep the same ratio. For example, if you want to plant 2 acres, just order double the quantities listed above.

Feel free to mix and match however you'd like or just order multiples of our suggestions

12 products

12 products

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